RUNAWAY News on indieWIRE

Our first press! Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Written by first time screenwriter Bill True and directed by Tim McCann (“Revolution #9,” “Nowhere Man”), the project is financed through Alan Klingenstein’s Filbert Steps Productions. After developing the project with True for a year they approached McCann with the project, believing he could handle the film’s dark subject matter. “Tim is really fantastic about directing actors in situations that involve emotional distress and he struck us as somebody who could do a very good job with the material,” says Klingenstein.

This marks the third project for the New York-based production company who’ve been quiet since 2000’s “Two Family House.” “It was all about finding material that was cast worthy,” says Klingenstein about the hiatus. “We read a lot of scripts and this was the first script since ‘Two Family House’ that has jumped out at us.”

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