What’s up with S1 of The Bottomless Pit?

A few people have asked, so thought I’d say something.  Because enquiring minds wanna know, amiright?

I have the last two episodes of Season One roughed out.  I had planned on finessing and recording them at the end of May.  Then, on Memorial Day, someone in my family had a little medical emergency (they’re fine now, so no worries), which took me to Minnesota for a week-and-a-half.  Minneapolis, to be exact.  About a mile away from where George Floyd was murdered.

The day I arrived in Minnesota–and hit the ground running to help out–was the day the world was realizing what had happened to Mr. Floyd.  It was a long-overdue turning point in the Black Lives Matter movement and the trigger for a national reckoning.

At the time, seemed inappropriate to do anything other than support and protest and be of service…in addition to keeping my family heathy and safe.  Then, in June, I started a new summer session for my MFA program.

I hadn’t (and haven’t) forgotten about The Bottomless Pit…stuff just happened.

Still, to be honest, the air kind of went out of my sails, as well.  I had something of a crisis of confidence about whether or not anyone cared about or needed this story, and I worried about my ability to do it justice, anyway.

At some point, the Phoenix Screenwriters Assoc. asked me to write an article for their inagural newsletter.  I wrote it unaware that I was really writing it for myself.  “Trust the world needs your voice.  And write what you write,” I told me/the readers.  After I wrote the article, the words of Saint (Carrie) Fisher returned to me, reminding me to “Stay afraid, but do it anyway.”

So…The MFA stuff is done now for the summer, and the family is safe and well.  I have a little more bandwidth to tackle these last two episodes for Season One and then chart the course for Season Two.  And though the world continues to spin in wild and whirring arcs, I think I can wrap my head around continuing.

I can’t commit to an exact date for the last two episodes yet, but I am pretty sure they will drop sometime in late August or early September.  After that, my goal is to produce and bank a few episodes for Season Two over the holiday downtime and keep it going through next spring to close out Season Two by Summer 2021.  By that time, we should really be in the thick of it storywise.  If you’re having fun so far, watch out!  The ride’s just starting.

So there we are.  Getting ready to jump back in again…again.