Hey, all–

If you’re up for some great cinematic hijinks, check out my friend, Josh Alexander’s, new movie, BACKSEAT!

BACKSEAT won the Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival the same year RUNAWAY won the Narrative Feature Award.  Josh, who is an exceedingly cool cat, and I became fast friends.  I was quite tickled when I discovered that his movie–which receives nothing but raves-is finally getting a well-deserved release.

It is good, dear readers, to see good things happening for good people who do good work.  Go, Josh!

BACKSEAT opens in the following cities on these dates:

  • March 28 – The Quad Cinema in New York City
  • April 4 – Landmark Opera Plaza in San Francisco
  • April 4 – Landrmark Shattuck Cinemas in Berkely, CA
  • April 11 – Landmark Dobie Theatre in Austin, TX
  • April 18 – Landmark Varsity Theatre in Seattle

Hopefully, there will be more cities/dates added soon.  I will keep y’all posted!

Meanwhile, whet your appetite by either visiting the BACKSEAT website or watching the trailer, courtesy of YouTube:


Remember this?

No longer will I call thee "Poop Phone".

From here to eternity, I dub thee "Lazarus".

Turns out the phone, itself, was fine.  When it went in the drink, it was only the battery that shorted out. 

Don’t know why it took me so long to check that out.  Well, for one, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Second, when I fished the thing outta the pot and rinsed it off, it seemed as though the screen was shot.  Oh yeah…and none of the keys worked either.

It’s been sitting in my desk for months.

Being forced to use the Ancient Phone I HATE has been absolutely grating on me.  I mean, let’s get this straight…ol’ Lazarus mighta taken a poop bath, but APIH was and always will be, quite simply, a shitty phone.  I don’t wanna piss off any cell manufacturers, so I won’t mention the brand.  All I can say is using the thing wears my nerves RAZR thin.

To top it off APIH hasn’t been doin’ to well lately.  Feeling it’s age.  So it’s old and shitty.  Ack!

Facing the prospect of having to sling significant jing at a new phone, I decided to see–just see–what would happen if I put Robbye’s battery (it’s the same model) in my phone.  And, well…lo and behold…  Hot damn.

Next thing I know, I am running out to my local ATT store for a new battery.  $23.00 later, I slip that bad boy in, and guess what?


Umm…anyone got any Lysol spray?