The Luckiest

Okay, folks. What can I say? By now, you know me too well…right?

Radio silence… Hmmmm… Must mean..?

Here’s the deal: when The One comes along, you don’t sit on your hands. ‘Nuff said. But before I redirect y’all to the happy announcement by now y’all are absolutely anticipating, I want to share this…

It’s lyrics. Another song I wrote for my beloved. I haven’t had time to record it yet, but I sang it to her on Valentine’s Day, two days after we became engaged. This was my first wedding vows to her, and the remain today and Always in my head, my heart, my soul. Like her.

To my wife, Robbye…

Ben Folds said it, but I know it:

I am
I am
I am…the luckiest.

Now here’s the link to click–> THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

P.S. — what my wife said. My heart melts.