The Luckiest

Okay, folks. What can I say? By now, you know me too well…right?

Radio silence… Hmmmm… Must mean..?

Here’s the deal: when The One comes along, you don’t sit on your hands. ‘Nuff said. But before I redirect y’all to the happy announcement by now y’all are absolutely anticipating, I want to share this…

It’s lyrics. Another song I wrote for my beloved. I haven’t had time to record it yet, but I sang it to her on Valentine’s Day, two days after we became engaged. This was my first wedding vows to her, and the remain today and Always in my head, my heart, my soul. Like her.

To my wife, Robbye…

Ben Folds said it, but I know it:

I am
I am
I am…the luckiest.

Now here’s the link to click–> THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

P.S. — what my wife said. My heart melts.

One thought on “The Luckiest

  1. I was talking to your sister earlier and she told me you had married. Married? Didn’t write, didn’t call, didn’t fax..Well, says I, lets look at his website, he’ll have some pictures. So, she there and me here shared your day. You, like me, know that the journey IS the adventure. I have to say that I really like that quip about coming in at the end all beat up and screaming.whoa what a ride. I’m thrilled, Bill, to see this part of your adventure and hear the joy in your written voice. Congratulations to you and Robbye! Every happiness, health and prosperity should shine upon you as you continue the ride of your TrueLife!

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