Umm…this is cool.

Quite cool (click to see it full size)…


All that, and I have yet to take a breath and update y’all about Robbye’s, Dean’s, and my grand adventure at the Great American Pitchfest.  I will do that, but it’s gonna take a little time, as there’s a lot to tell.  Look for that tomorrow or Friday.

In the meantime…we’re sittin’ here in hog heaven in anticipation of next Tuesday night.  There will be press in the Minneapolis StarTribune, the Mpls./St. Paul Magazine website, and other publications over the weekend.  Because you, however, deserve the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth, here is the press release:

Minnesota Screenwriters Workshop






Hollywood Meets the Twin Cities: Upcoming ScriptNight Reading of INCARNATION to Feature Local and National Talent

Minneapolis, MN – The Minnesota Screenwriters Workshop
is proud to announce it has chosen Incarnation, a new project by
award-winning Minnesota-based filmmakers Dean Lincoln Hyers and Bill True, to
be part of its prestigious ScriptNight Reading Series.

The script, written by
True from an original story by Hyers and True, will be read by professional
actors hailing from both the Twin Cities and Hollywood
this coming Tuesday, July 8, at 7:30 PM at the Ritz Theatre, 345 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN.  The staged reading
will be directed by Hyers

Hollywood actors John Ashton (Beverly Hills
and Gone Baby, Gone), who appeared as the title character in
Dean’s debut feature, Bill’s Gun Shop, and Chris Mulkey (Cloverfield) are scheduled to appear
side-by-side with some of Minnesota’s top actors, including Sue Scott (Prairie Home Companion), to bring voice
to the script.

The event is open to the public, and tickets are available at the door for

There will be a Q&A and reception immediately following the reading, so
everyone will have an opportunity to discuss both the script and the experience
with the filmmakers and actors.

The ScriptNight reading series, produced by Robb Mitchell and Mark Gallagher,
runs 3-4 times per year.  Recent presentations include scripts from John
Carrol Lynch (Zodiac), Shawn Otto (House of Sand and Fog),
and Christine Walker (Factotum). The Incarnation event is being sponsored by Best Buy, the Minnesota
Film & TV Board, Fredrickson & Byron law firm,, and

Incarnation focuses on the story of Harry Bayer, who, after
years of searching, stands at the brink of confirming a seven-year-old girl,
Shanice, is the reincarnation of his wife.  But his only avenue to reach
her—Polly, the girl’s fractured mother—just lost custody.  As Harry helps
Polly pick up the pieces of her life, they unexpectedly fall for each
other.  Then FBI agent Artie Neckman arrives on the scene and raises
suspicions that point to Harry being a potential danger to Shanice.

True and Hyers are collectively in development with at least four film and TV projects for both Hollywood and independent production
companies.  In addition, along with their partner, communications expert
Pete Machalek, M.A., they formed SagePresence, a consortium of filmmakers who
specialize in bringing the professional equivalent of “stage presence” to
organizations such as Target Corporation, Prudential, Symantec, and The
Department of Homeland Defense.

(screenwriter) was named one of New Mexico’s premiere new playwrights in the ‘90s for his
play Hell is a Diner.  For the
next seven years, he worked as an actor, writer, and director for various
community and professional theatre companies, including the American Southwest
Theatre Company and the Guthrie Theatre Lab.  He was hand-picked by
Tony-Winner Tim Rice to play the title role in the American Premiere of his
rock opera, Blondel. For nearly a decade, Bill was a Product
Director and Director of Communications for Fortune 200 Express Scripts.

Bill’s debut feature, Runaway,
premiered to universal accolades at the Tribeca Film Festival.  Since
then, it has gathered an impressive bouquet of laurels, including screenings at Toronto, Woodstock,
Vail, and Avignon.
Bill also won the top prize at the prestigious Austin Film Festival and
Screenwriters’ Conference for his work on Runaway,
which is slated for release in 2008.

More information:

(director) was already showing feature films he wrote and directed at film
festivals around the nation by the time he was 18.  Upon graduating from Gustavus Adolfus College,
Dean launched his own interactive media company, Digital Café, as his entrée
into the movie business.  Through Digital Café, Dean directed and
distributed electronic promotions for mainstream Hollywood blockbusters like Godzilla, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: the Movie,
and Die Hard III.

Upon selling Digital Café to advertising heavy-hitter
Campell Mithun in 1999, Dean returned to the director’s chair with his debut
feature, Bill’s Gun Shop, which Dean
also produced.  Dean took top honors at the SMMASH Film Festival and won Minnesota’s top
directing prize, the DL Maberry Award, for his work on Bill’s Gun Shop, which was subsequently released through Warner

More information:

Catching up

Dear friends,

Hello.  How are you?

I am fine.

Thank you for stopping by today.

What’s going on?  Oh, man!  Where do I start?

Remember this l’il thing?


Apparently, I should be provide a little more explanation when I post something like that.

Reminds me of the time when I posted this (really bad) poem I wrote as a kind of nod to Pablo Picasso and Surrealism a couple of years back and promptly left town for a week to the lands beyond cell service coverage.  Oh, my…  Can you say voice mail messages?  Took me over a week to convince everyone that I was neither losing it nor suicidal.

Friends and family.  God love ’em, but sometimes it’s hard to be a writer trying to strut his stuff in their line of sight.

Oh, well…occupational hazard.

No one said it was gonna be easy.  Trying to understand a writer guy, yet trying to care about him at the same time, that is.  It requires a whole new compass than most folks are used to.  North doesn’t always point north.  What’s worse is north changes, sometimes shifting unexpectedly and for inexplicable reasons.  So you can’t obtain a compass for the purposes of getting a good read on us writer types.  You gotta build ’em from scratch.

Oh, well…all guys like me can hope is that the rest of you think it’s worth the trouble.

That said, from the "What I really meant" department, comes this:

I had a lot going on.  I tried to write it all out in a sort of "let’s catch up with Bill" missive, but there was so much to say.  It gave me a head ache.  My creative response to said cranial distress was to let the long, rambling post go and simply (and, I thought, humorously) "depict" my feelings over trying to describe the myriad plates I had spinning at the time.  The rest, as they say….

In truth, everything was fine, though I admit that I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed of late.  Hyperactivity, with rarely enough energy to tackle each zone of my crazy/beautiful life with the gusto, creativity, and passion it deserves.  There have been many days, in fact, when I’ve felt like I’m losing ground everywhere.  And even moments when I’ve felt like an utter failure.

Then again…that’s nothing new.

Occupational hazard…of being me.

But the strike is over, and far from my previous fears, Hollywood seems to be welcoming me with reasonably open arms.  Yeah..check this out–

  • It’s not out of the realm of possibility that RUNAWAY could see some sort of distribution in the near future.
  • The management company I would like to work with seems genuinely interested in working with me.
  • I am in very active talks with a very reputable production company to develop a real, live Hollywood movie (a proposed budget in the mid-eight figures was tossed onto the table yesterday).
  • I have a good bead on (and have been highly recommended to) a great agent at a major agency.
  • INCARNATION, all of a sudden, is getting a lot of attention and seems to be taking on a life of its own.
  • As I plan on making a pilgrimage to the Tower of Tinsel in the next few weeks, people seem to really wanna meet with me.  For the first time ever, I think that my dance card will be full–with real and meaningful meetings to show for it.  Yikes!
  • If I play my cards right, I’ll have a first draft new spec script (which already has parties interested in reading it) ready to show the world by the end of March.

Holy crap, right?  Makes my head spin.  Mostly in a good way.

SagePresence is going equally well.  People are really responding to it, and we’re getting opportunities to speak and train all over.  The biggest problem there is there’s only three of us.  At some point in the VERY near future, we will have need to hire someone (or somones) to help us manage this thing.  Especially as word about what we’re doing spreads outside the Twin Cities, as it’s beginning to do so.  It’s quite amazing and scary cool.

Funny how this professional speaking thing so powerfully supports the screenwriting career, and vice versa.  Equally, how much fun I’m having going around and talking to folks.  Having such an immediate, profound, and positive impact for people–seeing it on their faces and hearing their stories of trouble and triumph–really makes my day.

And home…  With respect to that, let me simply say that Georges Seurat would be proud.  As I am proud of us.  All of us.  Yesterday, I noticed a piece of me was calm in the face of an otherwise tubulent day.  That piece was the one associated with home.

It was a bit of a surprise, as honoring this Great Love, this great family, and "putting it together" hasn’t always been the most calm of affairs.  But yesterday’s discovery spoke volumes.  It spoke of healing.  It spoke of health and happiness.  It spoke of peace and prosperity.  It spoke of adventure and accomplishment.  It whispered in my ear, visions of the future that brought a smile to my lips.

Today, my head doesn’t hurt.  Nothing has changed, except for today I feel a little less overwhelmed by this crazy/beautiful life.  That’s all.

Because I know head aches come with the job description.









None of ’em easy.  All of ’em worth it.

Dear friend…I hope you are well, too.  I look forward to catching up again in the near future.

Best to you and yours.  Let’s get together soon!

Yours TRUE-ly,


About as proud as I can be…

Hell yeah, I’m bragging.
Hell yeah, this is a blatant plug!

If you happen to be in St. Paul, MN next Friday, stop on by. I’ve seen the goods, and they certainly will not disappoint!

If you can’t make it on the 21st, her photos will be displayed through October. Otherwise, check out her website:

I’ve had more fun watching Robbye prepare for this than I’ve had in a long time. Today, we picked up a slew of large format prints. They were all packed up in cardboard and bubble wrap, and uncovering them felt like Christmas morning…with Robbye as the lucky duck that got the bestest present in her stocking.

How fun to see her giddy. To laugh unabashedly. How cool to see her so excited.

And this from the girl who, a mere year-and-a-half or so ago, answered my query about whether she was a photographer with, “I guess I take a picture or two.” Yeah…I guess so, too.

Congrats, my love! I can’t wait for your big debut.