Invisible Thread

Falling or soaring

Rendered insignificant
For Heaven has strung
Beyond the mortal coil
An invisible thread

Chance from destiny
Misery from bliss
Perfectly divided
By virtue of this thin line
Upon which we dance


I wrote the first draft of this poem about three years ago. It was, a that time, a virtual tome. I believe it topped out at about three pages. It was utterly and completely incomprehesible.

Anyway, I’ve been transferring files over from our iMac to my iBook, and I came across it. I decided to sit down for a few minutes and plunk around with it. Upon revisiting it, I realized that the only problem was that there were about 1200 too many words! “It’s not a story, dummy!” I told myself, “It’s metaphorical imagery.” All that matters in the end is that the reader gets the image.

So I decided to take another whack at it. And, boy, did I whack! It is a perfect example of how often less is TRUE-ly more. I am interested to see whether it makes sense to any of you.


PHOTO ALERT! I added two new pics to my photo album. A great headshot of Lynn and a photo of Action Jackson. Enjoy.


Today I finally got the damned fence up in the back yard, so Elvis stops jumping into the neighbor’s yard. It’s a temporary affair, and it don’t look too pretty. I am hoping it makes life a lot easier, though, and helps put an end to his relieving himself in the basement. Ack!

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty low key day here. Lynn has been very tired today. I can’t blame her. The past few days have been so busy, I’m tuckered. Considering her condition, I can’t imagine how tired she must feel.

Speaking of being tired…I am going to cut this short today. I still have to read a script and repond to a questionaire that another screenwriter friend sent to me. Also, gotta get ready for life to start up again tomorrow. I think tomorrow’s going to be a big day, too…Will likely talk about it in the next few days here.

Talk to you later.



Check this out:

I was just taking a peek, when I came across this story. It’s a list of “common” quotes attributed to Abraham Lincoln, but apparently he never actualy said. How odd. I thought the most humorous one was the one attributed to the guy who played him on “Star Trek.”

Okay…but he really did say, “Be excellent to each other…and PARTY ON, DUDES!” …Right?

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