Nothing fails like failure

Well, my strategy failed. I thought that by keeping the “Walk the Walk” post up for a few days, it might generate some 3 Day heat. To no avail.

I did get one “I’m gonna,” but that’s about it. As it stands, I am no closer to my goal than I was before.


Come on, TRUE LIFERS! I mean, heck, Wil Wheaton’s readers netted him over $12,000 for his upcoming cancer marathon. All I need is about $1,200 more!

Okay…okay. I’m going to drop it. I still love all of you. And even though I provide all of you with my interesting and often poignant musings (humble, aren’t I?) FREE OF CHARGE, I am not bitter in the least. Not in the least. No sirree. Not me.

(Is the MN Public Radio approach working yet? If so, hurry now! Click over to the donate page! You can do it! Good job!)

Are you still here? Well, now you’re gonna be a tough nut to crack, I see. Well, in that case, I guess I have no choice but to do what I do best: be a ho.

Now, I am not getting all high and mighty on myself. I don’t pretend to be anyone of significance or consequence. I do know, however, that my original screenplay, RUNAWAY BOYS, could very likely be in production this year. That’s right! A real movie. And though I don’t claim that it will achieve me any measure of celebrity status, here’s the deal…

As an enticement to anyone who donates $100 or more to the 3 Day, I will give him or her a signed and personalized copy of the RUNAWAY BOYS script AND the original short story from whence it came, MICHAEL’S LETTERS. The only thing I ask in return (other than the donation) is for you to keep quiet about the story (at least the ending) until the movie comes out.

Anyone who donates $200 or more? Well, I will also give you a crack at the screenplay I am working on now (based on a best-selling novel–the author’s signature novel) once I get to a point where we’re ready to market the thing (hopefully in mid-to-late spring, if all goes the way I envision…famous last words).

So…you will have that AND my eternal gratitude.

And yes…folks who have already donated that amount (you know who you are) will be grandfathered in. Expect an e-mail or a package from me soon.

Again…not that I am hot snot. But a lot of people have been interested in what’s going on with the movie stuff. If sharing a little of that will help find a cure, well ho, ho, ho!

NOW…click over, please.

[Bill smiles…his cutest and most disarming smile possible]

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