Blame Canada

Yeah, I know…I know… Here I am, should be working. Lord knows I am not as far on my project as I’d hoped I would be be now. Yet, I end up here once again. A junky getting just a little fix, man, just a little to get me through the rest of the week and then I’ll be okay I promise man okay I’ll stop buggin you.

Blame the damned comfy bed I slept in last night.

Blame no alarm clock this morning.

Blame the peaceful winter view (it’s Canada, remember?): the snow-covered river, the (what I believe to be a) bald eagle circling overhead.

Blame the unexpected presence of wi-fi here.

Blame our friends for their overt display of hospitality.

Blame Canada! For our visit here has moved me to commentary in spite of myself.

Help me! I’m an American stuck in a foreign land where everyone’s nice and things are quiet and pleasant and peaceful! What am I to do..?

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