On Golden (Cyber)Pond

Sunday morning… Ah..! Quiet.

You remember in the movie ON GOLDEN POND…oh, hell, just about any movie or TV show when some folks head up to some cabin way out in the boonies. It’s one of their favorite places in the world, but over the weeks or months or even years, life has intervened. As a result, they haven’t been there forever, and the place has laid dormant, ignored, and subject to the harsh will of entropy.

The car drives up. The people, all chatting and happy to be “going home” get out. Then the anvil hits them in the head. They look at the place; then they look at each other. No words need to be shared because their eyes say it all. “Holy shit! This place is an absolute dump!”

Unless the movie’s a horror movie, which in that case means that 80% of the people who just got out of the car are going to very soon die horrible, painful, gory, and very creative (if not improbable) deaths, then there is likely to be some quick montage showing these good people all pitching in to return the place to ship shape before some grand dinner (replete with free-flowing wine or other TRUE-th serum to loosen lips and pump up the presumed and underlying interpersonal tension).

They’ll sweep, they’ll mop. If there isn’t the obligatory clearing of cobwebs scene, the movie’s not worth its salt. And of course, there needs to be some happy, slapstick accident–a pail of water falls off a step ladder as one character is washing a grimy, old ceiling fan and douses a pretty girl, or some succh nonsense. And, of course, no clean up montage would be complete without the moment where everyne who pitched in stands in front of their masterpiece. It sparkles. It shines. It looks like a whole new place.

Coming back here (with the exception of the occasional drive-by) feels somewhat like getting out of that car and seeing how broken down some place of my fondest memories has gotten. Here I am, opening the door and sweeping the cobwebs out of my way, and I’m saying to myself, “Holy shit! This place is an absolute dump!”

So, there’s only one thing I can do. That’s to roll up my sleeves, get out the proverbial buckets and mops (read iBook having launched TypePad), and start putting the place back together again. …’Specially as I plan on staying for a while. This place is a GREAT place to write.

Mostly, I notice that the Exhibit G and M corners need work. A lot of it. Then, I’m not quite sure what to do about that Exhibit A area. This whole damned “iTunes revolution” thing has changed the way that I listen to music (crap! I sound like a commerical!) because I find myself NOT listening to “albums” so much anymore. Well, I’ll clean it up, anyway. It might come in handy later (especially if this thing turns out to be a horror movie. Music calms the savage beast, and all). Then, there’s a few improvements I’ve been thinking on for a time. Who knows? Maybe I’ll work on those, too.

So, dear reader, stand by for the montage. In the meantime, I will try to keep up the voice over, which in the movies is always in the form of some story that, of course, hints at some underlying conflict in the main character’s life. Not certain whether that’s what mine will do, but then again, this is TRUE LIFE.

Later, gators…

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