Color me ecstatic!

In my e-mail this morning:

congratulations on finishing the script, Bill.  I  look forward to reading it..   How would wednesday morning work,say at eleven a.m?   if not then thursday morning would work as well.   i will be out of town on tuesday and friday.  i am at xxx , two doors from j.j.  as for the xxx reading, it is a very good idea, but you would have to clear that with xxx, for she’s putting together the day’s activities.

every good wish,

The message I sent back was…umm…not just yes, HELL YES!

My body trembles as I write this post. Not more than two hours ago, one of the three artistic heroes in my life invited me to his house, so I can hand him a copy of the script I adapted from his novel. How cool is that?

I am, to say the least, psyched beyond reason. I am also, I must admit, scared out of my freakin’ gourd! My worst fear: that I will get there, and the only thing I will be able to vomit forth is, “Meeeun-gunngh! Jeee-buzzz-mummm-gumm-shoooojoooo. Gnyech…gnawwwwwwwwww….”

This probably sounds psycho, but I have dreamed about this meeting. A number of times. Some of them go well, others…not so well. Fortunately, we have some context by which to become acquainted in person. Also, we’ve corresponded via e-mail a fair amount over recent months, so it’s not like we are utter and complete strangers, I suppose.

On a side note, the author has been terrific about asking after Lynn every time we correspond. He even mentioned that his wife and he check her CaringBridge journal from time to time. They have been very concerned about her and obviously keeping her in their thoughts…which I also think is exceedingly cool.

Anyway, so the guy is finally going to read it. Yikes! Once I get the official thumbs up from him, I will be able to stop being so secretive about what the book is and clue you all in (though I have, I suppose, left my share of clues here and there, if you have been paying attention).

It’s all very exciting. Today, it feels good to be me.

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