Okay…I only have a few precious moments to move the story further, as David will be here in about an hour to take Debi and I up to Catskill.

Ikes! We’re doin’ it! We’re heading up there! In about four hours, we’ll be settling into our room, then heading over to the production office, and meeting the rest of the cast and crew, and…and..!

Just keep breathing. Just…keep…breathing…

Anyway…now we fast forward to:


We had arrived home in Bloomington at around 8:00 p.m. We were all drained. I felt it especially because I had just driven about 300 miles pretty much non-stop. That, and I was fighting against a foul mood all day.

Not just my mind, but also my entire body kept telling me the vacation wasn’t long enough. I needed more time.

Driving out of Grand Marais, I turned to Lynn.

“You know, our cabin is open for the next week, too.”

At first she laughed. Then she looked at me. Immediately, the chuckled ceased.

“Uh…I…No… We can’t. We have our dogs, Sydney has cheerleading… We…”

“I know,” I replied, driving along and trying to keep tears at bay.

Thus, the start of my battle with the serious grumpies.

I didn’t give a crap about how tired I was, though. Al had promised a draft of Tim’s version of the script in my e-mail Monday, and I hopped in the Internet to retrieve it.

But it wasn’t there. Fine, I said. I was too tired to read it, anyway. And I was no good to anyone, either. The only remedy was to go to bed, which was the best decision I’d made all day.

OKAY…I will try to write more after my shower, etc. If not, I will try to do more tonight.

Oh yeah…do you realize that a mere 4-5 miles away from where I sit in this placid uptown apartment writing about my little movie that literally tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of people are gathering to protest George Bush and the Republican National Convention? And are the Olympics still on? I tend to forget these small events lately. I TRUE-ly live in a bubble right now.

SNAP!SNAP!SNAP! just went Debi’s fingers.

“You still gotta pack your stuff up.”

Yeah…I better get going, or I am going to be in some serious trouble, my friends.


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