What the h-?

Well, I know. I’d be asking the same damn thing? What’s up with this guy? Does he not care? Has he lost it? Doesn’t he realize that in order to be a writer, one has to actually write? I mean, put words down, man!


Now I get it.

In reality, I have been, as they say, under the weather. More like, I’ve been under my covers…shivering and hacking out a lung. I spent some time last week uploading the RUNAWAY BOYS pics–

Oh…wait. Before I take another literary step, I should show you this:

It’s official…stop calling it RUNAWAY BOYS. Now…got it? Get that out of your head.

Hey, you! Over there! I just heard you. Now…stop. I know, I know. It’s been hard for me, too.

As of a few days ago, however (and until further notice), the title of the movie stands at simply:


So, there you have it.

Which, for me, causes no end of headaches, not the least of which is what the hell do we do now with respect to an acronym? Crap!

I mean, when it was MICHAEL’S LETTERS (original title), it was easy. ML. Simple, elegant. You could pop that into an e-mail message 50 times and not bat an eye. Not break a sweat. No carpal tunnel on my watch, baby. ‘Cause you can identify my movie in two quick key strokes.

Okay…then last year, we switched the title to RUNAWAY BOYS (used here only for illustration. No need to worry that I am hanging on desperately to the title RUNAWAY BOYS. No alterior motive to keep typing RUNAWAY BOYS. No issues whatsoever with changing the title from RUNAWAY BOYS. I mean, RUNAWAY BOYS, who n-? Oh…sorry). Anyway, although it took some time for us to get used to the title (Debi hated it at first. I was luke warm, but it grew on me), but I was satisfied from the outset at its acronym potential. It was perfect, was it not? RB. Wow. Again, two key strokes. Try it. Like buttah.

But now…what the hell are we going to do? Everything is ruined! I mean…RUNAWAY?!? Forget the aesthetic quality of the new title. Forget its marketability. Forget all that crap! What are we going to do about an acronym?!?

Come on, people! Give me a freakin’ break!


Ummm…no. You can’t have a one letter acronym. I am certain there are rules…laws, even. I can just see the acronym police swooping down, descending like a plague of locusts, down upon us for daring to defile the sanctity of acronymian holy ground. Because that’s what it is, friends. A one letter acronym is like shitting on the altar of acronyms. Plain and simple.

And we can’t have that. It’s unforgivable.

So…where does that leave us?

Well, unless someone has a bright idea–like a glyph or something of that nature–I am afraid that we will be forced to refer to the movie now and in perpetuity (or at least until we change it again) as…


No acronym. No nothin’. Just wake up and smell the Ben Gay, folks. You GOTTA TYPE THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ WORD! And when you’re having a pleasant conversation about the movie (yeah…I didn’t even TOUCH on those implications), you have to actually say the entire title..!

It’s too painful to think of. All those e-mails. All that typing. All that risk of injury. All that time wasted typing unecessary letters. All that unecessary vocalization. ‘Nuff said.

Who cares if everyone likes it better than…………the…other way? Who cares if, the more I think about it, I think it works better, myswlf?

We have committed a crime–nay! a SIN!–against acronyms. And for that, my dear readers, I must hang my head in shame.

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