The end of days

One thing I know is I’ve been for crap on finishing up captions for the RUNAWAY: Production photos. Sorry about that. And I’ve been equally derelict in documenting the experience of getting the movie made.

This, however, might make up for it a little.

I finally sent off the EPK tapes to Filbert Steps today. It was high time. Now that my masterpiece, The Great Friar Tuck Flood, is complete, I have no further need for the things. Let the New Yorkers have them.

I was going through the tapes last night and today, though, and I came across this. I forgot it was even captured. It’s right before I was going to interview Aaron for the EPK. Justin Remer had the XL-1 rolling, and the little scamp suddenly turned it on me as I was taking a moment to just breathe.

It was about 5 pm, I was running on no more than eight hours of sleep over the past three to four days, and I was feeling more than a little verklempt over the fast-approaching end to my RUNAWAY production adventure. Within hours, I would write my “It’s a wrap” post. Within a couple more hours, I would have the “significant emotional episode” I talk about in the video. But that, of course, is a story in itself. More infamous than famous, and will be mercifully left, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, decaying along the side of the road, a distant speck on the horizon as I glance over my shoulder.

Anyway, so this is a little clip (a little over a minute) of me talking about the last day of filming. I am certain it will never make it on any “making of video”, but it seems appropriate here. ‘Cause it speaks to my personal experience more vividly and more real than I could ever put into words.

So…here it is, folks. You know the drill. Click on the link, get some cheese.

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