My Girl…

1963 – 2005

Please celebrate with us. Our angel has flown to Heaven.

We love you, sweetie. We’ll miss you.

We’ll see you again someday.
We’ve been home for a couple of hours now. What can I say?

Lynn’s passing was just like her: beautiful, celebratory, classy. It may seem strange, but upon reflection, I can honestly say I had fun. Yes, there were plenty of tears. Not as many, though, as one would expect. Instead, the day was filled with plenty of laughter and awesome stories and reflections about my girl. It was loud and boisterous and touching and poignant.

And I think she enjoyed it. My husband Spidey sense was going off big time, and I could tell that, even though she really couldn’t respond, she was having a good time. Then, about 8:00-ish, when she was ready to quiet down, she let me know that, too. And so…we quieted down.

And we snuggled a little. And we talked. And then around midnight, I had to catch at least a little shut-eye. Her mom and her sister were resting, sleeping with their heads on Lynn’s hospital bed, and I went out into the waiting room to lie down. And about an hour later, our sweet angel gently slipped out the door and hitched a ride on a moonbeam. So like her.

We’re doing okay. The kids are well–in a good space. They got a chance to say good-bye to Mom, and Mom to them. And I got a chance to give my beautiful wife the end she so deserved.

I got home, and Zach was asleep. I’m not going to wake him. He knows it was going to happen tonight, so let him rest.

Syd was awake, though, and we had a good moment. She cried, as I did, but in the end we both agreed that now it’s time for the healing to begin. And so it shall.

Please keep posted to this page for details regarding Lynn’s funeral services, and other related things. In the meantime, hug your families tight to your breast. Love them as we’ve loved our mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend.

Goodnight, sweet darling. Enjoy the loving embrace of those whom you love that passed before you. Say hello to my Grandpa True for me, and tell him I love him. Be comforted, gently cradled in the arms of our Lord. You have earned a well-deserved rest.

I leave you now with these exquisite words from Sarah McLachlan. I played this song over and over again in the car on the way home from the hospital earlier. And I cried. And I remembered. And I smiled. It really says it all…

If it takes my whole life

I won’t break, I won’t bend

It will all be worth it

Worth it in the end

‘Cause I can only tell you what I know

That I need you in my life

And when the stars have all burned out

You’ll still be burning so bright


Cast me gently

Into morning

For the night has been unkind

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