I looked on the bottom of my little tramp bunny foot, and what did I find?

SEVEN pages down today. SEVEN! Two more than my typical daily goal on a first draft.

Whew! Now I feel better.

And what’s best is I like ’em. Things went in a little different direction than I thought they would. But I think I finally cracked the stubborn nut that is the second movement of the second act. Turns out that what I thought was the second movement is really the third one.

It always felt odd. Even when I was mapping out scenes. Like there was neither enough action, nor was there sufficient conflict to get me into the particular movement in the story.

Now, though… Now I think I’m on to something. We’ll see.

Considering the last 2-3 weeks of my screenwriting life, though. I am ecsatatic. I think I might even have a chance to finish this sumbitch in a reasonable length of time now.

Yay Bill!

(Well, more “Yay!” when I really get the thing done. But little “yay” today for getting back on the horse–no pun intended)

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