nose to the grindstone…

We’re trying a new thing here at true life central. it’s called typing in all lower case. courtesy of my missing left shift key. you never know just how much you use that little bastard until it’s gone.

just like all things taken sorely for granted, i suppose.

note to self–object lessson learned here.

i gotta get to the apple store. hopefully, tomorrow afternoon sometime. for now, though, i’m kinda having fun being lower case man. i feel so bohemian. not sure why that would make me feel that way. ’cause i am such a rebel, i suppose. yeah…such a rebel. you run with that, lower case man.

my issue du jor: (this colon brought to you by your right hand shift key, as are the parentheses. go through the exercise…you’d be amazed how much you don’t use the right shift key)

this embarrassment of riches that is all the freakin’ work i got on my plate right now. some of it screenwriting, some of it other stuff–meaning freelance writing. you know, the stuff that brings in money right now. working through it. being disciplined enough to work through it–slog through some of it. because it’s all interesting, but it’s not all very fun. not all very inspiring.

and that’s the stuff that’s taking up my time and my brain right now. and though the “good stuff” is still close at hand, it remains on the vine, good and ripe, waiting to get picked. quite ripe, in fact. wait too long, i fear, and it’s gonna spoil. because that’s what stuff like that does.

and, of course, i am a little disappointed. i am still waiting to hear about gigs and agents from my recent la excursions. and every day that passes, i admit that my heart sinks a little. my hopes. for this round, at least. but as much as i wish i could rush this, i realize that it is going to move at its own pace. i can’t force it. i simply gotta do what i gotta do and roll with it.

and what i gotta do is i gotta write. my stuff.

but i struggle, see. ’cause trudging through this other stuff. it takes a long time. not so much because it’s hard and time-consuming–well, it is that–but because i don’t really wanna do it. and i put it off. shove it away into a corner of my mind until it stinks to high heaven and simply won’t be ingnored anymore. but i gotta clear that crapola away before i can really dig into the sweet stuff.

oh, well. that’s what this is about, this true life post. an avenue into my putting my nose to the grindstone. clearing away the boulders to get to the gems. lube up the machine, fill ‘er up with gas, and crank over the starter. get plowin’ ahead. i might as well roll up my sleeves and get to work, eh?

this is the time where being a “professional screenwriter” just seems hard. behind all that is fun and sexy and cool is this–life. true life. and all the stuff that comes with it. like money, or lack there of. and responsibility. and limited time. and limited brain power. and procrastination. and the daily struggle against it. it is, plain and simple, hard work.

and these are the impediments to creative thought.

and yet they are all who i am. and what life is. which is what my art is.

so you need ’em.

okay. enough noodling. get your freakin’ nose back to the grindstone, true. break’s over.

yeah…yeah, boss. i hear ya.

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