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Today (Monday the 10th) is a HUGE day for my friends, Al Klingenstein and David Viola, at Filbert Steps Productions. Their new movie, TRUMBO, premieres at the Toronto Film Festival. I am very excited for them. In fact, I’m not even in Toronto with them, and I have butterfiles in my stomach on their behalf!

The pic’s a documentary on screenwriting legend and Hollywood Ten Mccarthy-era stand-up-and-do-the-right-thinger Dalton Trumbo, based on the popular off-Broadway play by the same title. They got involved with the project right after RUNAWAY won at Austin, and it has been quite the ride for them (but well worth it, they tell me). Even better, it sounds like it’s all gonna pay off, as the tea leaves are reading well for TRUMBO. There is already considerable interest from distributors, and it’s already getting, like, Oscar buzz.


So…if you suddenly find yourself in the greater Toronto area, run, don’t walk, to the Varisity Theatre, screen 8 (which, oddly enough, is where RUNAWAY premiered in Toronto…heh). I think you’ll be glad you did, eh?

Here’s the info for TRUMBO at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Good luck, Al and David. I’m really proud of you guys. I know you made a good movie. And I think you did a great thing by bringing this story to the movie-going public.

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