Hold, please…

Hello, OLU Reader.  You have reached Bill’s blog.  Bill isn’t available right now because, as you know, THE SCRIPT, MY FRIENDS, MUST GET DONE!  Bill will make his triumphant return to the blogshpere just as soon as he puts this @#&$^%&@ to bed.

In the meantime, perhaps you might enjoy a little music while you wait.

Got a message from my friend, Jason Morphew, who, you might remember was the original composer/songster on RUNAWAY.  Things happened and yada yada, and suddenly one day his music is off the movie.

Don’t get me wrong–I love Robert Miller’s haunting score.  It’s one of the most impressive parts of the movie.  And when I first heard the chilling and mournful strains of the main theme, I was nearly moved to tears.  Uh…yeah.  That kinda good.

The biggest loss when Jason left the project, I believe, was the hole left where his uber terrific Bull in the China Shop of Love used to be.  What a cool song.  Funny and poignant, innocent and menacing all at the same time.  And it’s hip and catchy.  Nothing against The Libertines’ song, which is a worthy replacement.  The movie was, however, designed around the Morphew song, and its absence shows.  And the experience of the movie–over the top uber magnificent as it is–is somewhat diminished as a result.

Anyway, got a little side-tracked there.

Jason’s new album, Vaporizer, has hit store shelves, physical and metaphysical alike.  In his email announcement, he included an mp3 of one of the tracks, Taking Things for Granted, which is kinda flowery and boppy, but also carries a subtle aspect of ennui that gives it unexpected heft.

The tune is downloadable on his MySpace page.  But in an effort to save you from the torture that is MySpace, I have included a link to the mp3 here:

Taking Things for Granted by Jason Morphew

The album seems to be getting some good buzz and positive notices, with one reviewer calling Jason "one of the most gifted songwriters now going."

Not bad.

You can purchase Vaporizer on iTunes, or by visiting Jason’s website.

Congrats, Jason!  I hope over-the-top success solidifies around Vaporizer.  (yes…I just had to say it.  The temptation was simply too great.)

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