And now for something completely different

My new and good friend, Chris Mulkey, is playing Saturday night (August 23 at 9:30 PM) at Rusty’s on the Santa Monica Pier.

He gave me a copy of his latest CD, Ride This One Out, at lunch last month, and it’s been a staple on my iTunes rotation ever since.

He’s quite the talented guy, that Mulkey.  As if being one of the most prolific character actors of the past 30 years isn’t enough.  How about I launch a music career, to boot?

What I like most about Chris, though, is he is one of the most authentic and gracious people I have met.  I’ll never forget…I knew the guy, like, two days and he’s saying to me, "next time you come to L.A., Karen and I will have you and Robbye over for dinner.  I’m gonna cook for you!"

And you know what?  He really meant it.

Knock ’em dead, Chris!

The hootin’ and hollerin’ you hear drifting over from the east?  That’s us cheering you on.

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