Z-man post script

Well, they fought hard. Zach had a couple of great plays and a couple of assists. In the final seconds, however, with the score tied 12 all, the Rumble (Zach’s team) got a foul. The kid who shot the free throws..? Nothing but net. One. Two. Suddenly, it’s 14 to 12, their favor, with something like 15 seconds on the clock.

We got the ball and took it to (Jonathan will be proud of me) the rack. One of our kids, Austin, went for the lay-up, but it tipped off the rim. The other team snatched up the ball on the rebound, and the ref blew the whistle signalling the end of the game.

Zach will have at least one more game to play this week, on Thursday. His team and he are now aiming for the consolation match, which will determine third and fourth places (his team took fourth last year).

My main man is philosophical about the whole thing. I mean, he was in a great mood, anyway, because Andrew, his teacher, showed up to watch the game (what a great guy, huh?). Nothing could dampen Zach’s enthusiasm for having his teacher there to watch him, certain not something as insignificant as a little scoring discrepancy. What I mean, however, is that tonight, as he wolfed down him BBQ salmon, he said, “Maybe if we lose next game, then I’ll just get a medal.”

“What do you mean, buddy?”

I was scratchin’ my head at that one.

“Everyone that loses gets a medal. I’m kind of hoping that’s what happens for us. I mean, we got a trophy last year. I…you know…somehow I want a medal this year.”

“Huh. So you can wear it around your neck like in the Olympics.”

“Yeah,” he said, shrugging. “I suppose.”

Then, he suddenly shifts gears.

“Hey, Dad. In Halo, when you’re on the library level…”

Man, I love that kid.

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