As of 2:30 this morning, I thought I was going to shake apart. I got up to use the bathroom, and every muscle in my body was shivering as soon as I left the covers.

I knew that it was coming, which is why I got up at 2:30 but had THOUGHT about getting up for a hour or so before that. I felt that familiar twinge in my bones that signaled a fever about to break, but was going to take me on one helluva last ride before it did.

Well, it did.

Thank god Lynn was good-natured about it. I scrambled back into bed like a wounded animal seeking refuge in its borough. And when I got under the covers, I clung to her like there was no tomorrow, trying to warm myself with her. She let me, even though I am certain I was being utterly annoying. Then she cooed to me softly, and offered to get up and get me a glass of water and some Tylenol (both of which I desperately wanted, but was too chicken to face the night air again).

It was just what I needed.

I woke up this morning and felt human for the first time in three days. As soon as I opened my eyes, I could feel that the strangle hold the sickness had me in was broken. I got up and, even though I still felt a bit woozy, I started my day. And oh, how good that felt!

So…today is truly that proverbial first day of… Lynn and I are going to go out to lunch today, then to Home Depot to pick out a new tub for our upstairs bathroom (yes, folks! It’s a getting’ fixed!). Then it’s off to Herberger’s to get Lynn a new winter coat and find some heart-shaped crystals for China trip thank you gifts. From there, we’re taking the kids to a movie right after school (broken promise from this weekend due to sickness, which needs to get in before the start of chemo), and then to Lynn’s reception at church tonight. Oh…and I have to call a guy about movie stuff…mustn’t forget to do that.

A busy day! Crap! How DID I ever fit in work, too! Seriously, though, it will feel really good to do this stuff with Lynn. We always have a good time running around together and doing goofy stuff like errands. Oddly enough, those are some of the fondest moments I remember throughout our time together.

They’re the husband and wife moments, I suppose…the ones where it’s just the two of you, connecting one on one, doing things to build or fortify the infrastructure of your collective life. I don’t know about you, but I feel almost giddy during those times—kind of tingly on the inside. It’s when I get to be the “big, strong man” in the relationship and to be goofy like when we were dating, too. It’s also the time when cool plans are made, and whether or not they actually come to fruition is irrelevant. It’s only the planning, and the connectivity and energy that is borne from it, that matters. And, finally, it’s just “being” together.

Anyway, today I feel relaxed and ready to do whatever needs to get done. As much as I hated going through being sick this weekend, it forced me to simply vegetate for a couple of days and rest. It seems to have done me a lot of good.

Here’s to the new day.

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