Day onennnngh! Cough! Cough! Hack!

There is no f’ing way I am going to be brilliant today. My mind just isn’t working. About all I’m good for today is lying around and moaning.

So…I took the leave. Yesterday was my last day of work until February 2 at the soonest. Who knows what I will return to, but for now I just don’t care. I’m sick…and when I get sick, I am a big, fat baby.

Actually they were pretty understanding in the end (who couldn’t be, I guess). Of course, there really isn’t a lot of higher brain function stuff going on in my little department right now. Between now and the end of January, I guarantee all my folks will be doing is content, content, content…and then more content. I tried to get things reasonably sewn up, and my boss seemed satisfied for the time being. The company also came through with three things (including some back compensation they owed me) that I’ve been harping on for months. It was nice to walk out of there with all that stuff put to bed.

All that said, I just broke down in tears when I left there yesterday. The relief that washed over me was overwhelming. What a year it’s been…what a hard, terrible year it has been at that place. I am happy to be out of there for a while. As Sheree commented yesterday, I “need to get away.” Well, now I’m away. Here’s to whatever time I am there in 2004 being a better, more positive experience.

Now it’s get the house put back together by Tuesday, which is the day that Lynn (presumably) starts her new chemo. Of course, the infection from the “bullet hole” needs to clear up first. For now, it seems to be acting a bit stubborn about going away.

Regardless, there’s a lot to do to get ready for that, and for Christmas, and for life. I really need to use this time well. And I plan to!

But not today… Today I feel like shit, and I am sitting in my easy chair with Lynn’s Chinese comforter (or “puff” for you Canadian readers. You know who you are), typing on my little iBook, and sipping juice. And I am going to continue to do that until tonight, when we have to go to Syd’s holiday show at school. And if I do anything…ANYTHING else today, it will be to sit on my butt and watch DVD movies. That’s it…

Cough, cough…sniffle

P.S. Here’s a cool little thing I found on the Wilmeister’s blog. It’s called Mr. Picassohead. It’s really fun, and about my speed today. Enjoy!

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