If you are in Minneapolis next Monday (12/8)

No smart-alec post or witty repartee here, folks. Just two VERY IMPORTANT things…

1. On Monday, December 8, there is a reception for my beautiful wife, Lynn, to celebrate her safe return from Shanghai, China. As many of you know, she went over there for 2 1/2 weeks recently to study chilel qi’gong with–I don’t know–grand masters, I guess? They also did a lot of “chi healing” for her, too. Anyway, she will be there to talk about it, we will take a look at the pictures from over there, and talk a little qi’gong (we’re actually trying to get a speaker to come in). We will also be recruiting people to walk with us next September in the 3Day Cancer Walk and be asking for generous donations (our team goal is $25,000! We can’t make it without you!). Finally, there will be drinks and cookies! How can you beat that! And ALL OF THIS FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE! What an evening. I believe it’s at 6 p.m at St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Bloomington. Visit Lynn’s website, Lynn’s website for more information. Please join us, and bring friends! The more the merrier.

2. Speaking of the 3Day walk… I am going to ask all of you know to do one or two things. PLEASE reach into your wallets, grab out your credit cards, and go to my 3Day web page. Make a donation today. It’s for a great cause, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation is the real deal. Also, I would encourage you to tell your fiends and family to donate, too. AND CONSIDER WALKING, YOURSELF! THE MORE PEOPLE, THE MORE ENERGY AND FUN! Sign up to walk, and then roll up your sleeves and help us meet our goal of raising $25,000 for breast cancer research!

(BTW — Can you tell I figured out how to format my posts now? 😉 )

Thanks again to everyone for your terrific support over the past weeks. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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