I can’t take it anymore..!

If I have too many great weeks like this, I think I will probably shake apart!

FIRST — The best news… I am certain Lynn will post this on her CaringBridge site, but I will go ahead and announce here… SHE’S DONE WITH CHEMO! On Tuesday, she had a bit of a reaction to one of her chemo drugs while we were at the office. The nurses started scurrying around to make things all better, and she eventually settled down. Fifteen minutes later, her doctor popped in to take a peek, and did his stand with his feet squarely apart and holding his chin poses, which I have come to realize is the pose he strikes when his wheels are turning right before he makes some important decision. Sure enough…I was right.

“That’s it,” he said. His take was that she was only going to be on chemo for two more weeks, and both her tumor markers and her CTscan looked good. …And she FEELS BETTER! All that seems to add up to remission, so he felt comfortable about saving any trouble with respect to future reactions (which would get worse every time and could become life-threatening) and put her on her chemo holiday (which we hope is an indefinitie one) now.

Yikes! Needless to say, though Lynn is feeling the effects of this round of chemo as we speak, we are pretty damned excited.

SECOND — Had my meeting with my author hero yesterday. Will make a longer post about it after I get his reaction to the script and, and I can be a litle more forthcoming about things. I was, however, ruined for the entire day yesterday after our meeting. My extremities felt like jelly.

THIRD — I wish I could share with you the e-mail I just got from my producers for RUNAWAY BOYS. Again…jelly extremities. All good. The way things are going, I should be able to clue you in soon. If everything works out the way it looks like it’s going to, the news willbe worth waiting for.

Okay… Breeeeeeeath, Bill. Breeeeeeeeeeaaaaaattthhhhhhhh….

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