RUNAWAY BOYS has officially been given the “green light”!

I apologize to the people who know me that I haven’t been able to get to yet with this news. It is, however, ten till six in the morning, and I just can’t sleep. This blog entry has been playing on my mind incessantly over the past three hours, and I finally just got up about an hour ago (sent a few e-mails, upgraded iTunes, etc.) to get this off my chest.

I tried to do this last night, but the fine food, the martini, and the pinot noir were far too effectively working their magic. I could no more hit the enter button than I could build a Saturn V rocket. It didn’t take much for Lynn to convince me to “back away from the computer, sir.”

So…here is the news that I have been threatening you with for tha past few weeks. Are you ready?

For those of you who are not familiar with this term (i.e., must not have HBO, eh?), it means that the project is now fully funded and ready to go into production. Our producers called me yesterday at 2:30 in the afternoon to deliver the news. The call was pretty much a bunch of hooting and hollering, but I believe that’s the basic gist of what the call was about.

There is still much to be decided and worked out, but the producers tell me that they’re targeting to shoot the movie in August around the New York area. Yikes! Which means…guess where I will be spending MY August?!? Also, Debi and I will likely be flying to NYC for a few days (or more) for meetings with the producers, director, and cast (Oh, yeah! I can’t forget about that!) to read over the script and talk through changes. In the meantime, I have been given marching orders to re-read the script (I haven’t even glanced at the thing for 6-9 months) and start thinking about potential changes I would like to make and also to “age up” the Michael character a bit… Why age him up, you ask?

Well…that’s the other cool part. I can’t name names quite yet because things aren’t exactly set in stone yet, but we have, it seems, made offers to two “big name” actors to play Michael and the female lead, Carly. So far, prospects seem to look pretty good, but we’ll see. Anyway…the guy who will probably play Michael is a little older than we had anticipated the actor being, and he’s not entirely comfortable with playing a 17 year old. Which is fine…we purposely wrote the script to be flexible, so…tap, tap, tap I will go. Anyway, more on the actor front as it develops (probably over the next couple of weeks).

Okay…I am exhausted just writing this far. Must…stop…getting…tired…….

First Lynn’s chemo news, then the meeting Wed., now this. Lord, please…give it a rest for today, at least. For now, I’m…ah…good, you know? I said it about a hundred times yesterday…if I have many more weeks like this, I am going to fall over dead of a coronary!

There are so many people to whom I owe this moment. I will do my best to get around to everyone, but to those of you who comprised the “village” that raised the particular “child” (you know who you are)…thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can only hope to somehow, someday repay the debt of gratitude I feel to each of you. Thanks for your patience and love and support. I love you, one and all.

We started the car. We revved it up. We backed it out of the driveway. And now we’ve officially put it in “drive”. I know this is only the beginning. I know that there are plenty of headaches and heartaches and bumpy roads ahead. But today…having the thing in “drive” feels pretty darned good. Wow. Wow…

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