Reality Check

So…though the past few days haven’t exactly been a nonstop par-tay, they have been quite festive. Moments of revelry, courtesy of my loving circle of friends who want to be congratulatory.

Fifteen minutes ago, however, I am sitting in my neighbors’ living room (a.k.a., “the den of sin”…I’ll explain another day) and just finished my fourth beer for the evening. I am about to get up and head home. Suddenly, I realize something.

All this celebration, and I’m not at the finish line yet. Basically, I’ve been whooping it up just because I got on the playing field! It’s a wonderful but sobering thought. Brings me back to a bit of poetry I posted a while ago:

So far to go
So good to be traveling

But…it’s still sobering. Turns out, there really is only one way to do something. You gotta do it. The thing that I have to do know is be TRUE to my word…to myself, to my friends and colleagues, to the world, to God.

Wow. I just wrote that expecting that I would be frightened by it. I am not, though. I am excited by it. So much to do. So much I may GET to do. I’m pretty fortunate. …And grateful.

Anyway, this probably reads like I’ve had a few. Time to go to bed.

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