Thankfully. Take my craaaazy mind off all this other stuff. I am, as you might have noticed, one of those guys who tends to think himself into jail if left to my own devices too long.

Today, it’s ushering at church for the 9:45 and 11:00 services. Yes, I will have to talk about RB stuff to my fellow parishioners, but the conversation will be tempered because I will be busy getting the place set up (and re-set between services), making certain I have servers (always a scare…must check before service starts. Trust me…), etc., etc., etc.

After that, it’s getting my darling daughter ready to go on tour tomorrow. Every year, our high school church choir performs JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT, and every year they take their show on the road to some far off and (usually) exciting place in the the US. This year, they’re going to visit the Rocky Mountains and perform around the Denver/Boulder area. Fun!Fun!Fun, huh? So…if you’re in the Boulder area, let me know! I’ll hook ya up.

This year is extra special for Syd because she has the trademark “really big part”. She sings most of the narrator’s part. She’s pretty psyched to get our there and strut her stuff. She is feeling so much more confident in her abilities since her and Action Jackson have been doing voice lessons together.

Anyway…today’s all about laundry. And, likely, some about mowing. And definitely a little about grocery shopping (can you say “no food in the house?” Don’t worry…we can). Now that the hubub is subsiding a little, it will feel good to get back to this more “regular” stuff.

Well, I gotta run! Hop into the shower and get ready for church! Time’s a wastin’, and there ain’t no shortage of things to do today! Come on, come on! Up off that recliner! Let’s go!

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