If I can make it there

Ill make it ehhh-nee-where!

It’s up to you

Once again into the fray

So here I am again, sitting in an airport food court and wolfing down some [insert conglomeration of meat and salad] wrap and waiting to board the flight that will be my next (and final) leg to the Big Apple. The noise in Midway is, itself, a spectacle. The humanity swirling around me is merely the icing on the cake.

I wasn’t surprised that the call came around noon today. There are some last minute tweaks to the script, and the producer asked if I would be there to help make them happen.

“Uhh…I’m not sure, Al. Lemme check my schedule and get back to you.”

Suddenly, I’m ramming my still dirty vacation laundry through the wash and running a few last minute errands like a madman. Then there’s the little matter of a doctor’s appointment for Zach that both Lynn and I needed to attend.

All that, and I still caught my flight at 6:10.


Thank God for my brother, Action Jackson. Perish the thought of what my life would be without him. He took off work to get me to the airport. He gave me “the talk”. He gave me a hug as I left. He’s shouldered so much for his adopted TRUE family. And all with a smile. It amazes me.

I gotta tell ya, I couldn’t love the guy more if he was my own flesh and blood. Which, by the way, sometimes I wonder, anyway…

My deep regret this trip is that Debi isn’t here with me. I learned so much last trip. It was the epitome of the movie producing experience. And I get the feeling that this time around is going to best it.

I know that next weekend we will pile into her car and be together for the production experience, but I know that she’s feeling left out. I mean, she can’t help but feel that way. She isn’t getting the hands on—the texture, the depth, the quality, the detail—experience that I am getting. I am trying to carry her spirit (and her interests) with me constantly, but it becomes difficult sometimes to remember, to do.

I hope I am doing her justice. I pray I am. I pray for strength to continue to carry the torch for both of us. For I remember, I’m not just a screenwriter. WE’RE producers. Hence, DeBill Pictures. We’re a team.

Okay, I am babbling. But so much is coming into my mind right now. Things like:

• I’m scared.
• But I know I can do this.
• I love my family.
• I can’t say enough how much I appreciate their sacrifice as I simply drop everything and go live my dream.
• Will the movie turn out?
• Will it be good?
• What about money?
• I pray that everything will be okay.
• I pray my family will be safe.
• I thank God for this opportunity.
• But why the hell ain’t the wi-fi working here?

That’s about it.

I brought a real camera this time. If I think of it (no guarantees…you know who you’re dealing with), I wanna document the journey over the coming days (and possibly weeks). Also, I am guessing I will keep everyone apprised of the progress of this little RUNAWAY adventure.

‘Nite, all.

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