Catch my breath

Hey…sorry. I really meant to post. Uhh…yeah… Famous last words, huh?

The past…how many days has it been? I have to look at my calendar.

Holy Crap! Like…SIX DAYS. Has I been here that long?!? Wow… I guess the old adage holds water–time TRUE-ly does fly when you’re havin’ fun.

The past week has been, undoubtedly, one of the most intense experiences in either my creative or working lives. It has also, undoubtedly, been the finest. I am walkin’ on cloud nine.

I have an M.F.’in’ DOOSEY of a post for you in the next day or so. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… I haven’t posted the blow-by-blow account over the past few days because–well, one, I was working working working on the script and/or in meetings about the script pretty much around the clock. That, and things were so fluid and/or sensitive that I couldn’t really mention them on…well…like…the Internet, and all.

Bad movie-making mojo, ya know.

It’s all done now, and I can talk about it. I need a little time to catch my breath–a day. And I need to get some final script stuff done. AND…I need to get ready for a meeting tomorrow with a talent manager, who comes highly recommended by folks here. We’ll see what happens, I guess. She sounds very nice over the phone.

Anyway, the ONE thing I can say is Rachael Leigh Cook is out. Another actress has signed on–probably a better choice in the end. It’s all part of the grand adventure that has been RUNAWAY BOYS: The Pre-production Experience. Will fill you in with all the news that’s fit to print tomorrow.

Until then, a little teaser. This picture was taken last night by Yours TRUE-ly at the NYC production office. We had been slugging, slugging, slugging so long and so hard for so many days. FINALLY, we all felt comfortable with the movie version of the script…like we really had something we could get behind and feel terrific about.

As an FYI–Aaron..? Cool guy. Not at all like what one would expect from a “star” type. And smart…with good writing and storytelling chops. He’s really pitched in right there with the rest of us, and many of his suggestions have worked their way into the script. …And he even puts up with my constant barrage of super-hero/X-MEN jokes. Although he has threatened to have me banned from the set. Hmmmm…

Anyway, Al had one of the PAs run out and get a big ol’ jug-o-whiskey…Maker’s Mark, no less. And we all grabbed whatever we could–paper cups, coffe mugs–and hoisted a…uh…glass to victory.

The guys in the picture are (L to R): Al, David Viola (our other producer), Jim (a PA), Aaron (some actor), Nate (a PA), and Tim McCann (our director).

I will make certain to post tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with me.

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