Lynn sez…

A few months ago, Lynn asked me to post something on her behalf in my weblog. At that time, I told her sure. I wasn’t certain, however, why she didn’t post it on her CaringBridge site. I guess because it was political in nature–her rant, she called it. She probably wanted to keep the peaceful vibe flowing in that particular area of cyberspace.

A week after she mentioned it to me, she recanted. I never got a reason why. ‘Cause I thought it was great.

I was sifting through some of her files on the iMac, though, and I found it again. I loved it even more the second time I read it.

So, here it is, folks. My Lynnie, talking to you from the heart, sharing her wish for blessings and peace all the way from the great beyond. Enjoy…


Hi! Lynn here! I’ve wrestled Bill to the ground, tied him up (no! there’s nothing kinky going on here), and stolen his keyboard. Yup. I’ve hijacked his blog and I’m on my soap box. BEWARE! My passions have been unleashed and I have something to get off my chest.

Okay, first I have to start with a few confessions. Here they are:

1. I am a Christian.
I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe he was conceived of a virgin, I believe he healed people, I believe he died on the cross, and I believe he was the Son of God. The whole schmeer.

2. I am a liberal.
And getting more obnoxiously liberal every day. I believe in gun control, I believe in a woman’s right to choose an abortion. I believe we should be protecting this Earth and it’s inhabitants who can’t speak for themselves in every way we can. Heck, I even believe in Gay marriage (more on that later).

3. I am a moral person.
I have a clear understanding of right and wrong. I lead a pretty clean life. I’m a person that believes in love and helping others and I work to do my very best to act on that belief.

So here’s my question:


I have visited yet another website where the choice for President Bush was stated as being the “moral choice.”

Confession #4: I voted for John Kerry and I see it as being a VERY moral choice.

So if the Republicans are so moral, can someone answer me a few questions?

1. What is so moral about Capital Punishment? A typical Republican stand and a stand taken by George W. The Ten Commandments say “Thou shalt not kill.” Period. It DOES NOT say “Thou shalt not kill unless a jury of the killer’s peers finds without a reasonable doubt that s/he is guilty.”

2. What is so moral about supporting the NRA? What is so moral about making certain that guns are as accessible as possible to our children so they can shoot one another? So if the Bible is the sole handbook on morals, where in the Bible did Christ say anything about the right to bear arms?

3. What is so moral about the war in Iraq? What is so moral about sending our bravest young men and women to kill and to be killed primarily on the basis that there were some supposed weapons of mass destruction that never materialized? Oh, and by the way, it was Osama Bin Laden that attacked us. Where’s he? And, I’m kind of guessing here, but I have the distinct impression that the people who are responsible for the 911 attacks think we are all immoral. Not just the gays and those who get abortions, etc. But YOU, the woman wearing pants. And YOU the man who allows her to do it. Remember the adorable dress you bought for your cousin’s wedding? The one that’s so modest with the hemline above the ankles, the crew neck and is not form fitting in any way? IMMORAL. Do you really want to start pointing fingers at what is moral and what is not? Just like they do? Just asking.

4. What is so moral about forcing a young pregnant woman to carry out a pregnancy and birth that might kill her? What is so moral about forcing the victim of a rape to carry on with the resulting pregnancy? Where in the Bible does Christ talk about abortion? I don’t know about you, but I believe that life begins when God grants a soul to the body. When does that happen? And last time I checked, my God was a God of free will—he gave us the ability to make choices for a reason. I believe that abortion is a deeply personal and excruciatingly difficult choice. And IF it is a sin against God, I figure that’s between God and the woman who chooses an abortion. It’s none of my business.

5. And on the subject of Gay marriage: Okay, here we have 2 people who wish to make a loving committed relationship to one another. Don’t you see some beauty in that? What? You would rather they sleep around with as many people as possible? Why can’t we just be happy that they have found love in their lives? And again, IF homosexuality is a sin against God, that’s up to God to make that judgment, not us humans. So for those of you who are pointing your finger at the gay community and screaming “sin,” you might want to think about using that finger to pull the plank out of your own eye. Just a suggestion mind you.

Just one more question: Do you believe abortion and homosexuality are a sin against God and therefore “wrong” because the church tells you they’re wrong? Because they point to scripture as evidence?

I’d like to remind you of one thing. A little over a hundred years ago the church used to teach that slavery was a mandate from God. They used scripture to justify slavery. Less than a hundred years ago, churches in the south taught that blacks were inferior to whites–all based on scripture. Many churches used to teach that rock music was evil and now use it in their own churches. Let’s face it folks, sometimes the Church is out and out WRONG! And that’s coming from a church going woman. I love my church dearly—they are my family. They are incredibly giving and loving people. But the day I give up my ability to question and challenge church leadership and teachings is the day I give up my God given ability to change the world to a more loving, sharing, caring, inclusive place that rejoices over our differences.

You know, I have a feeling that our enemies would LOVE for us to argue amongst ourselves and throw blame at each other—a house divided cannot stand. They would love for our house to fall. But when we are united in LOVE and RESPECT for one another and each other’s CHOICES, whether or not we would make those choices for ourselves, that’s when we are at our strongest and most moral place.

So, I’ve said my piece. Now here’s the disclaimer: This is just my opinion. And who am I? What do I know? Take it or leave it. I am certainly NOT the expert on morals. I just felt it was time I exercise my right to free speech and ask some questions. It’s the American way.

Wow. Thanks. I feel much better now.


These words seem even more poignant and pertinent today, as some (in my mind) very misguided individuals seek to unnecessarily prolong a young Florida woman’s suffering against her will. And all in the name of “morality” and “faith”.

As someone who has recently been in the position to make some very difficult decisions that could have had an impact on the amount of additional time my wife would spend on this earth. As someone who had the conversations that Terry and Michael apparently had. As someone who was forced to interpret, to the best of his ability, the wishes of the person who was not only the love of his life, but his legally wed spouse, her ultimate wishes in the face of uncertainty. I get it. Why don’t other folks?

It’s not a political issue. It’s not a faith or a church issue. It’s not right versus left. It’s not moral versus immoral. It’s not “pro-life” versus “pro-choice”.

It’s a man trying to fulfill the final wishes of his wife. And for those who still want to bring “faith” into it, I’ve been desperately trying to find the Bible verse, but I can’t. It is, however, the one that refers to a woman leaving her parents to live in her husband’s house. For those people who are trying to cling to some notion that the answer to this question can be found in that man-made contraption we call religion, doesn’t that say it all? Forget about any other argument. Mrs. Shiavo left her parents’ house. She became a family with her husband. Cut and dried. And within the sanctity that is the union that God supposedly commands us that “no man should put usunder,” they made a decision.

And no one–not the President, not Congress, not the courts, not even her parents have the right to intervene. I mean, I feel for her mom and dad. I really do–I just watched my wife’s mom lose her baby girl. I can’t fathom the pain, I can only empathize. But I can’t agree with their position.

And as far as our President goes, I believe he has enough on his plate (after all, it’s “hard” to be President, right?) without heaping one more unnecessary sidedish on the pile. And besides, considering his sketchy history, isn’t it a bit disingenous for him to be staking any moral high ground with respect to his comments that he would “err on the side of life?” Tell that to the thousands of people who have given their lives in the name of your selfish and insane personal crusade. Doesn’t the old saying go, “people in glass houses…”?

And, oh yeah…don’t we live in the age of the healthcare directive, which gives folks the option to live and die how they see fit–INCLUDING the right do say no to forced feedings if they can no longer care for themselves? Okay. Maybe Terry didn’t have a documented directive. The bottom line, though, is that we live in a world where we have evolved enough to recognize (and be receptive to the notion) that a person has the right to make that kind of choice for himself or herself, without the government or anyone else meddling in that person’s personal business. And, it goes without saying that I believe the person who is appropriately privvy and proxy when it comes to executing that person’s wishes is that person’s spouse. CERTAINLY not that person’s parents.

But enough of that. I also know that–just as the Bible talks about he seasons of change–there is a time to let go. Now is not the time to divide. Now is the time to come together. Now is the time to accept. Now is the time to heal. Now is the time to celebrate Terry’s life and let her go out in style.

Please don’t let her legacy be a bitter and divisive one. For that does her the worst kind of injustice. Therein is the real cruelty against her. And that, my friends, is, in my book, TRUE-ly immoral.

God bless my wife. Thank you, sweetie, for finally unleashing my inner rant. Love ya.

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