Rickin’, Frackin’, Stupid Weblogs!

I can’t tell you what the hell I did to mess up comments on this stupid blog. Going through the redesign was like feeling my way blindly through Tiffany’s. Oh! There’s a-


Oops… Guess not.

I don’t know what the hell to do. TypePad’s user manual says (and I quote):

So that’s it. Apparently, I no longer have a weblog. I’m paying for one. I’m also paying for the luxury of that slick domain handle, billtrue.net, but I don’t have a weblog. I screwed up. I screwed myself. TRUE LIFE, it seems, is no longer worth living. Good-bye, cruel cyberworld.

All that jabbering aside, I must apologize to one and all (or “both of you”, as it were) for the lack of comment ability here. It’s a tough nut, and I just can’t crack it. Then again, I never was the brightest bulb on the tree when it came to crap like this. Or much of any crap, for that matter. Or for crapping, now that I think of it. But that’s another matter. Maybe I’ll blog on it sometime.

Oh, wait. I no longer HAVE a blog. And who wants to read about my crapping. Never mind.

I must now seek professional help. No…not that kind, though some people might agree with you. Okay…most people. But I need to get some real techno-geek (as opposed to the faux techno-geek that is me) crankin’ around inside of there to see what’s up.

As usual, I am certain it’s something small. Jes’ gotta turn the screw a quarter-turn, righ’ der. Ye see? And then…Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Like hot snot off a butter knife.

We’ll see what happens. Meanwhile, I hope you are posting your TRUE LIFE comments on other weblogs, like we suggested. It’ll keep those other assholes who, I suppose one could say, still have “real” weblogs on their toes.

Go ahead. Click over to whilwheaton.net, for example, and do it. See what he says.

No? Geeze. Chicken.

Meanwhile, while you’re being wussies, I will keep prattling on this…well, I can’t call it a weblog, now can I? This…non-interactive piece of shit that used to be a blog and now’s just some stupid old regular website that ain’t good for nothing without my precious my comments ohhhhh they make it sooooo special ’cause the dumbheads at TypePad says so and everyone believes everthing they say because you know they’re TypePad and they know everything.

What? I’m not bitter. Be quiet. Did I ask for your comments?

Oh yeah…I guess I did.

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