This little light of mine

It’s been a busy and tiring day. Trying to button things up, trying to get things moving, trying to keep calm in the face of the strife on the coasts.

There are things I am supposed to be dong right now, but I am taking a much-needed mental break. And I wanna new post at the top of my blog. So here goes.

Here are my favorite pics from this year’s Austin Film Festival, mostly courtesy of my amazing and talented wife, Robbye, of course. There will be more. Still waiting, however, for the festifolks to let us know when they’re posted on the I’net.

TIll then, enjoy…

Bill relaxing pre-conference at The Hickory Street Patio Grill & Bar. Hay muchos cervesas consumado.

The view from the Hickory, proving that even a large time cannot dampen Robbye’s photographic wizardry.

Cool pic Robbye took of a coffe cup at The Hideout. I used this on my filmcatcher and OLU blogs.

Me blogging for at the Hideout. I look unhappy because I am hungover. Obviously.

My first panel with screenwriter Karl Williams, and Nicholls Screenwriting Fellowship Exec. Dir. Greg Beal. There were over 100 people in attendance. Cool.

Great American Pitchfest Exec. Dir. (and Great American guy) Bob Schultz and me judging a round of the AFF pitch competition. Robbye & Bill say: Yay! Bob & Signe rock! Viva la Pitchfest!

Bob: True, I have no idea what shit is pouring out of your mouth at this moment.

Bill: Schultz, I have no idea what shit is pouring out of your mouth at this moment.

Robbye, our new pal, Daryl, and me whooping it up at the Driskill. Courtesy of the great Randy Webb. And, just for the record, we are not stoned. Just drunk. BTW–Robbye sez, Look at my tiny head!

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