What I posted tonight on John’s CaringBridge site–the guestbook.

– – – – – – – – – –

When I sat with John last weekend, I will never forget what he said to me. When he stood at the edge of this world and the next, he felt comfort. Neither “giving up” nor “fighting”.

“Acceptance” was the word he used. Of the power and the plan Universal, and his place in it. Understanding of which, of course, surpassed his…well, understanding. And he accepted that, he said. And it gave him an odd comfort.

Life viable…whether it be in this one, or the Eternal.

Our hearts are with you, T and boys. Our prayers for this leg of your family’s journey. Because John’s miracle has come to pass. He is home. May each new day in this life, however, become a miracle for the five of you. May you find peace and healing and joy in his honor and in His honor.

I say this a lot about many people, but few truly fit the bill. Yet, John had it covered in spades. John Soberg is and will always be a gentleman and a scholar.

Love to all of you.

Godspeed, John.

– – – – – – – – – –

John, there will always be a chair at the ready for you whenever the Co4 convenes…whatever its configuration.

One thought on “Godspeed

  1. I can’t even access John’s CaringBridge page tonight. I think it’s quite possible that he had so many people who cared about him, the page isn’t able to keep up with all the traffic. John was a great guy and I’m sad I never got to know him more than I did.

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