The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Cheez Whiz!  Has this been a week or what?

I gotta keep this kinda short, as there are two deadlines looming over my head.  Not to mention that it’s 8:45 in the morning here, and I am already feeling exhausted.

Okay…here it is in a nutshell:


Well, it’s great that the ScriptNight folks wanna do a reading of INCARNATION.  There is something of a downside to it, however, in that we learned yesterday there was a little scheduling snafu.  The reading will really happen on Tuesday, July 8.

Yep…five days sooner than expected.

All of a sudden, there are deadlines for press materials, casting concerns, and the like all beating at the door.  And a small detail…I am not finished with the new revisions yet, which need to happen before the casting stuff happens.  Guess I better hurry.

The other good news is that I had the breakthrough I’ve been desperately looking for on the INCARNATION revision front.  As I begin putting it back together, I am feeling confident that this draft will not only represent a real leap forward for the story, but that it will really grab people.  I am, for the first time in over a month, feeling quite excited about this next draft.


A phone call I got on Wednesday.

The manager that I was hopeful I was on the verge of signing with.

She’d asked me to keep her in the loop on what was else was happening as I was completing this latest INCARNATION draft.  She was happy to help in any way she could, and I was welcome to use her name in conversations with other industry types.  So I did.  And at the beginning of the week, I sent her an email updating her on the mini-series thing and asking if, perhaps, she might be willing to help prep us for the pitch meetings we have coming up in LA in the next few weeks.

Alright…just so I am perfectly clear, I think this manager is topnotch.  I don’t wanna sound like I am complaining because not only does she have a great reputation, but I believe the way she handled the situation with me was very respectful and professional.  And though she wasn’t taking on new clients when we talked last month, she was willing to consider me.

Ultimately, it seems, it came down her her realizing that she had a lot on her plate with her existing clients.  When I started to engage her like a bonafide client would, it became apparent to her that adding me to her roster was not in the cards for her right now.  Limited time…only so many hours in a day.  And difficulty in today’s lean market in paying proper attention to her existing clients and keeping them working.

I get it.  And I really appreciated both her call and her honesty–her not stringing me along or simply not returning my calls and emails one day (been there, done that).  And I appreciate her willingness to recommend me to other agents and managers.

It’s all good.

Yet, I still walked around most of Wednesday in a kind of shock.  After all, I’d worked for over a year-and-a-half on developing this relationship.  And though I know that work is not for naught, it still stings.  It still hurts.  It still kinda sucks.  And I have to admit that it has cast a long and dark shadow across the rest of my week.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.  In the meantime, if you know any great agents or managers out there, you know where to find me.


My day today.

I have SagePresence web content to create, as we are trying to launch our new look next week.

INCARNATION revisions to complete by next week.

ScriptNight press stuff.

Crap…I am going to stop there.  As if those three things alone can’t fill up a couple days.

Hmmm…I just noticed something.  My attitude stinks.

All the while I’ve been writing this post, all I can think is, "Is it Beer-thirty yet?"

Maybe I should be thinking a little differently.  Maybe I should be thinking more in terms of mixing up a batch of lemonade, huh?

It’s a beautiful day.  And I have the privilege of doing what I love all day…writing.


I can start with that.  Get behind it.


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