INCARNATION note–guess I should mention this

Speaking of INCARNATION, I almost forget to tell y’all…


If you’re in Minneapolis on July 14, – UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!  NEW DATE — TUESDAY, JULY 8 — there will be a staged reading of INCARNATION at the Ritz Theatre as part of the Minnesota Screenwriters Workshop’s Script Night series.

This is kinda cool, as it’s the biggest kind of treatment a script can get in this neck of the woods, and the most recent events have spotlighted works from the likes of Shawn Otto (THE HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG) and Christine Walker (AMERICAN SPLENDOR and FACTOTUM).  It’s quite an honor to be lumped in with a crew like that.

The reading will be directed by my partner in crime (and fellow INCARNATION story originator/developer), Dean Lincoln Hyers.  We’re working with a couple of casting directors right now to bring some name actors from LA and New York to read the lead parts and with other folks to bring a really cool multi-media dimension to the experience.  It’s all pretty exciting.

I’ll post more information as it becomes available.  For now, mark your calendars

One thought on “INCARNATION note–guess I should mention this

  1. Hi Bill –
    Very exciteed to see another product of yours. Is the Incarnation reading open to the public?

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